Why Jean?

Jean Charest is the conservative voice that can bring our movement together around common cause issues that champion our values.

With over 30 years in the public and private sector, Jean Charest has the experience and record of uniting and governing this diverse country.

Jean Charest stepped up when Canada needed a champion to lead the federalist cause in the last Quebec referendum and to successfully lead the federalist forces.

He has governed with a commitment to conservative principles like balanced budgets, smaller government, and championed tax relief and policies for families. This record won him three consecutive elections.

He was the first to propose and trail-blaze the Canada and European Union free-trade agreement.

He has proven himself a staunch promoter of natural resource development policies with his ground-breaking and innovative “Plan Nord”.

He knows how to get big projects done, successfully securing a Canadian pipeline project.

He is a credible advocate on resource development coupled with strong environmental performance, with a global view of how to achieve both in a smart way.

Jean Charest is the tactful, experienced, and determined leader we need now.

There is no time for amateur politics. Our democracy is at stake. We need a leader who understands that winning a national government is built through consensus and unity, not through division and alienation.

Jean Charest is a conservative leader who is built to win.

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