Every Canadian should feel safe in their homes, on public transit, taking their kids to school or enjoying parks in their communities.

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Every healthcare worker, police officer, and first responder should feel safe on the job.

But the reality is many do not. The rise of hate crimes and harassment should concern us all. We cannot allow our great country to go down the path of identity politics, that exploits people’s outrage and anger to consolidate power, like we have seen in the U.S.

Defending the rule of law, human dignity, religious freedom and protecting our communities is something conservatives have long stood for. We must do so again to end the alarming rate of hate-fuelled crimes and assaults on people serving their communities.

Lives are at stake. Our values are at stake.

My Building Safer Communities plan:

A Jean Charest government will ensure we have stronger sentences for those who break the law, and increase funding to secure our public spaces.

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