My Made in Canada Conservative Plan

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End illegal blockades

Illegal blockades put thousands of working class folks out of work. Jean Charest believes it should be a criminal offence to blockade critical infrastructure and prevent Canadians from getting to and from work.

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Support our armed forces

A Jean Charest government will make significant investments towards our Armed Forces and Veterans. He will increase our military spending to 2% of GDP and build up our strength to 75,000 Regular Force and 50,000 Reserve personnel.

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Choice in childcare

Choice for childcare is good for families, for job creation and for the economy. Parents ought to have the right to choose how best to raise and support their families.

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Party Reform

Conservative Party Built to Win

Our members, volunteers, and Party activists are critical to our success – we can’t win elections without them. Right now, power is in the hands of Party elites and temporary members. It's time to give it back.

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Fix Healthcare Now

The Canadian Healthcare system is on life support. Jean Charest will fundamentally reform our healthcare system with a new National Healthcare Act, and ensure we never are forced into lockdown again.

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A Plan For Clean Growth

Jean Charest will balance the interests of our energy sector, our resource-producing provinces, and our economy with those of the environment.

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Clean Ethical Canadian Energy

We are in a global energy crisis. Global supply should never be held hostage by dictators. We need to get back our courage to build projects to export clean, ethical Canadian energy.

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Support For Ukraine

The world is watching, and the future of democracy as an institution in the world is at stake. Canada has a moral responsibility to do more for Ukraine.

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Building the Canadian Dream

The cost of housing has doubled since Trudeau took office and his government refuses to acknowledge this crisis.

Homeownership should not be available only to a privileged few. We have a serious plan to tackle Canada’s housing affordability crisis.

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Building Safer Communities

Every Canadian should feel safe in their homes, on public transit, taking their kids to school or enjoying parks in their communities. Lives are at stake. Our values are at stake.

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Canada Needs Experienced Workers

Canadians who have worked hard and prepared for retirement deserve the gratitude and support of their country. Canadians over the age of 55 have developed a lifetime of skills and experience that Canada can benefit from.

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Labour Mobility

Building a Labour Mobility Economy

Canada has a historic opportunity to attract and retain talent, grow our economy, and be a beacon to the world.

Canada’s future economic growth depends on our ability to attract workers.

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Spousal Violence

Stop Intimate Partner Violence

Spousal violence is a serious issue, police need every tool at their disposal to intervene when the risk of intimate partner violence is present. Canada needs real leadership to stop this violence. It’s a matter of life or death.

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Building an Inclusive Canada for People with Disabilities

Canada is letting down people with disabilities while leaving their skills and economic opportunity on the table.

We will eliminate barriers so that Canadians with disabilities can access meaningful careers.

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Building Up Canadian Agriculture

Canadian farmers feed not just Canada, but the whole world.

Canadians across the country are proud of their agricultural sector’s high-quality products, its powerful branding and innovation.

Canada can and should be the world’s breadbasket.


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If you support what I stand for, make a donation.