Homeownership should not be available only to a privileged few. We have a serious plan to tackle Canada’s housing affordability crisis.

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The cost of housing has doubled since Trudeau took office and his government refuses to acknowledge that this is a crisis.

For generations, Conservatives have believed buying a home is a key part of the Canadian Dream, but today too many Canadians, especially Indigenous families, new Canadians, low-income families, and millennials have been completely shut out of the housing market.

We have grown adults still living at home with their parents – not because they want to but because they can’t afford a home. We need to boost our housing supply and bring greater fairness to the market.

To tackle this generational housing crisis and make the Canadian Dream a reality for all Canadians, immediate, ambitious, and cooperative engagement across all levels of government is necessary.

Highlights of Charest’s robust Building the Canadian Dream plan:

Jean Charest’s Building the Canadian Dream Plan will address the housing crisis and help all Canadians achieve homeownership. 

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