Jean Charest will fundamentally reform our healthcare system with a new National Healthcare Act, and ensure we never are forced into lockdown again.

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The Canadian Healthcare system is on life support.

When other countries reopened, Canadians were left to endure rolling lockdowns because our healthcare system was unable to cope.

In every category, from ICU and hospital beds, to doctors, to wait times for basic procedures, Canada has fallen behind.

We’re spending more, and getting worse healthcare outcomes.

Justin Trudeau has shown little determination or interest in reforming our healthcare system, even after two long years of pandemic restrictions.

It’s time to untie the hands of the provinces from government overreach, and let them evolve their own unique systems based on local needs.

We have a plan that will fundamentally reform our healthcare system.

It starts with our healthcare workers. They have sacrificed so much in the last two years. It’s time they get the resources they desperately need to save lives. We need more of them.

We have a shortage of healthcare workers, and we’ll address this by:
As we overcome the shortage of healthcare workers, we also need to help provinces address the current limitations of our healthcare institutions by:

You can read all about these and other commitments I am making towards reforming healthcare here.

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